Welcome to our website


The aims of our association are modest but ambitious at the same time.  Modest like Eslava in terms of its size and number of inhabitants, but also ambitious because we are hoping to help advertise, maintain and continue the archeological dig at Santacriz, finish the Megalithic trail project, which we would ultimately like to have at least six sites and give a boost to the cultural, social and economic life of our village.  And not forgetting the other projects with the other villages in the area with whom we share many common interests.


If you like our projects and have time, energy, ideas, suggestions or questions…. get in contact with us, (Contacto - Adhesión), in the menu on the right). Everyone can play their part, each with their own individual talents and different situations and personalities. 



This website, which we’ve just created, is still quite basic but we’re going to develop and enrich it bit by bit over the next few weeks.  




 (Thank you Julia for your superb translations)